Demoscene productions made by people in Kryo:
More (and better) stuff at lft's scene webpage.

Linux/win32 game made at Breakpoint 2010 : Klšmrisk Hero - PouŽt page
Made with SDL, source included. Feel free to port it.

C64 game made at Breakpoint 2009 : Escape of the Rundsporthalle - PouŽt page
Made using Shoot 'Em Up Construction Toolkit (from 1988).

Wild demo released at Birdie 17: The Hardware Chiptune Project (18.5MB) - PouŽt page
Full project page with lots of downloads at lft's homepage.
Video also available at YouTube

PHP demo presented at Birdie 17: Spinning Jenny (3.9kB packed) - PouŽt page
Video capture, 37MB MPEG4

Our first production (linux 4K) : Icy Hot - PouŽt page